Agency clothes closets can be re-stocked any Monday or Wednesday between 10AM and 2PM
Bring bags for the clothes
DO NOT BRING CLIENTS. They should be helped from the clothes closet at your office.
Distributions are made BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!
In the event of snow or other emergency, please advise your client to call 973-868-6007, ext 6.
We will post a messages after 8:00 AM if we will be closed.
They should use their own judgement but if we are open and they do not come they must leave a message.
Referral Forms are only available by contacting us. They are not available online.
If your client needs help with a mover (besides truck rental places like U-Haul), the following could be hired by the client:
Stan the Man


Holte & Associates
Larry Holmes
Marc Bragg

Lets Go Services
John Toussaint
Abby Brown


Brandon Silvera

H Crux II Express
Hernan Cruz
All clients must be referred by a social agency that has been approved by us.
Register New Agency Register New Employee
Referral Procedure for Registered Agencies
º   Provide the client with the directions to our warehouse. Click for a map.
º   Complete and fax to us our completed referral form for the client.
º   We will assign an appointment date, sign the form and fax it back to you.
º   Provide the client with the signed form that the client must bring on the appointment date.
º   Provide the client with the printed copies of our procedures and directions to our distribution center that we provided to you when you registered as a referring agency.
º   Explain to the client that they will be admitted only on the day and time of their appointment. If they show up at another time, they will be denied admittance, even if they have rented a truck and have a referral letter.
º   They must bring transportation, a helper, rope, and a tarp to protect the items (if it looks like rain).
º   We are moving a lot of furniture, it is not safe for young children.
º   Everything is first-come, first-serve, within reason so that no family gets too much in relation to the others.
º   All items must be removed. We can not store furniture for later pickup.
º   What we have in any given week is a function of what was donated that week. High demand items such as beds are always in short supply.
º   If a client finds that they cannot make the appointment, they must call 973-868-6007 and leave a message BEFORE their scheduled arrival time.
º   IF YOU WISH TO KNOW IF WE RECEIVED YOUR FAX OR E-MAIL, request a confirmatiom receipt. All faxes and e-mails are accessable only to us. We are an all volunteer organization and it may be a couple of weeks before you receive an appointment date.
º   IF YOU CALL CONCERNING THE STATUS OF A CLIENT, PLEASE LEAVE THE NAME OF THE CLIENT. This will allow us to respond directly with an answer. Both the phone number above and the cell phone number that you were given when you registered are answered in an environment that protects confidential information.
º   They are your clients, we will inform you of the appointment date. You need to inform the client and notify us if they can not keep the appointment. Any calls that we receive from the client will be directed to you (except for calls a day or two before their appointment when there might not be time for us to reach you).
Agencies - 2016
The following agencies are currently registered to refer clients. The list may not include recent additions.
If your agency is on the list, contact their representative. If your agency is not on the list, have them contact us.
º Apostle's House º Babyland Family Services º Bergen Community Action º Birthright Rehabilitation Services º Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services
º Buddies of New Jersey º Catholic Charities º Circle of Care for Families of Passaic County º City of Orange º Comprehensive Behavorial Health
º Cranford Cares º CURA º Department of Family Services º Department of Labor º Division of Social Services
º Division of Youth and Family Services º Division of Welfare º Early Intervention º Essex Newark Legal Services º East Orange Child Development
º East Orange Community Development º Easter Seals º Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless º Elizabeth Housing Authority º F.A.C.T.
º Family Connections º Family Partneers of Hudson County º Family Promise of Union County º Family Support Organization º Food Stamps
º Garden State Episcopal Community Development º Georgia King Village º Goodwill º Healthy Families º Holy Redeemer
º Home First º House of Grace º Hyacinth Aids Foundation º I.C.M.S. º Independence: A Family of Services
º Integrity House º Interfaith Hospitality Network, Essex º International Rescue Committee º Ironbound Community Center º Irvington Family Development
º Irvington Neighborhood Improvement Corporation º Isaiah House º Jefferson Park Ministries º Jewish Family Services º Kintock Group
º La Casa don Pedro º Lennard Clinic º Logan Hall º Mental Health Association º Montclair Child Development
º Mount Carmel Guild º Multi-Curtural Community Service º New Community Corporation º New Destiny Family Success Center º Newark Community Health Centers
º Newark Department of Health º Newark Emergency Services for Families º Newark Housing Authority º New Jersey Citizen Ation º NJCRI
º North Hudson Community Action º North Ward Family Success Center º Oasis-A-Haven for Women And Children º Orange Housing Authority º Partnership for Children of Essex
º Partnership for Maternal & Child Health º Passaic County Women's Center º PATH Program º Plainfield Action Services º Plainfield Family Success Center
º Plainfield Housing Authority º Positive Health Care º Proceed º Rachel Coalition º Red Cross
º Rutgers Supportive Housing º Salvation Army º Somerset Resource Center º Special Child Health Services º St. Clare's Special Services
º St. James Social Service º St. Joseph's Social Service Center º St. Michael's Medical Center º St. Paul's CDC º St. Peters Haven
º St. Rocco's Families Residence º Street Light º The Bridge º Tri City º Trinitas Hospital
º Union County Probation º Union League º United Way º Visiting Homemaker Service º Visiting Nurses Association
º Women Aware º Women Rising º YM/WCA