398 Chestnut Street
Union, New Jersey 07083 [map]

973-268-1130 Fax

Distribution Center: [hours]
400 North 14th Street
Kenilworth, New Jersey 07033 [map]

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Agency Referrals

Distributions are held each Sunday BY APPOINTMENT ONLY except for:
  • Easter Sunday
  • Mother's Day
  • Memorial Day weekend
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day weekend
  • Thanksgiving weekend
  • Christmas weekend

In the event of snow, please advise your client to call 973-868-6007, ext 6.
We will post messages there after 10 AM.
They should leave a message if they can not come

Request Customer Appointment

If you represent an agency that is already registered with us and you want to refer a new customer, please fax us the forms already provided to you.  (We do not accept requests from individuals directly.)

Register New Agency

All clients must be referred by a social agency that has been approved by us.  If you are a social agency and wish to register, please click the appropriate button below.

Register New Agency

Register New Employee

All services are free!

Referral Procedure for Registered Agencies

  1. Provide the client with the directions to our warehouse in Kenilworth (not our office in Union). A map and directions are available on this web site.

  2. Complete and fax to us our completed referral form for the client

  3. We will assign an appointment date, sign the form and fax it back to you.

  4. Provide the client with the signed form that the client must bring on the appointment date

  5. Provide the client with the printed copies of our procedures and directions to our distribution center that we provided to you when you registered as a referring agency

  6. Explain to the client that they will be admitted only on the day and time of their appointment. If they show up at another time, they will be denied admittance, even if they have rented a truck and have a referral letter.

  7. They must bring transportation, a helper, rope, and a tarp to protect the items (if it looks like rain).

  8. We are moving a lot of furniture, it is not safe for young children. LEAVE YOUNG CHILDREN AT HOME.

  9. There are normally 30 families present and everything is first-come first-serve, within reason so that no family gets too much in relation to the others.

  10. All appointments are on Sundays. People start lining up around noon and registration begins at 12:30.  We open at 1PM sharp.  We close at 3PM. All items must be removed. We can not store furniture for later pickup.

  11. What we have in any given week is a function of what was donated that week. High demand items such as beds are always in short supply.

  12. Clients can come back on the same referral since we will probably not have everything that they need in one week. We monitor what they take so that they do not take too many of the same item even if on different weeks.

  13. If a client finds that they cannot make the appointment, they should call 973-868-6007 and leave a message.

  14. We will help the client get the items to the loading dock. The client must bring a helper to carry the items to their vehicle.