Furniture Assist
These are the notes for Sunday, December 3rd. We will then be closed for donation dropoffs until Sunday January 7th.
If you are bringing larger items like couches come closer to 10AM, not 2 PM since we may run out of room for larger furniture.
Our movers have access to the building and can be hired even while we are closed for the holidays.
We are very short on infant and baby clothes (up to size 5T) and winter coats (all sizes).
We are also very short on linens (especially blankets & comforters) and basic household items(pots, pans, flatware, dinner plates).
Donations are received any Sunday (except holidays like those listed below) anytime between 10 AM and 2 PM. Donated items must be on the list of acceptable items (click here) . Since we have limited warehouse space for furniture, a donor can not bring more than 5 large pieces
(couch, arm chairs, dine tables, dressers, desks, etc.) in any given week.
If you have questions, please call/email the question.
No donations as we prepare for the annual audit (Dec 10th)
Closed for the Christmas season (Dec 11th - Jan 2nd)
Our fax will be off during this period but email be received and responded to upon return
Allstate Insurance and the Westfield office
502 East Broad Street, Westfield through December 31st
View an article in TapintoWestfield
808 South Avenue West, Westfield
through December 14th
Many of our clients lost everything and must replace toys as well as furniture.
Furniture Assist appreciates the support of Allstate Insurance and Kinderprep in conducting the Toy Drive each year.
The tree in Furniture Assist's Front yard was almost destroyed
in a storm a couple of years ago.
It has come back and so have we!
Our volunteers are ready to help!